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Beside the stylish look Waterblade Easy provides a saving of approx. 90% in water consumption compared to a tap without any installed water saving device and an approx. 50% saving compared to any current available water saving devices on the market.

Apart from the massive water savings you can achieve with the Waterblade Easy device it also reduces, at the same time, the amount of waste water and energy consumption attached with heating up any warm water.

Various tests and studies performed have shown that usage of a Waterblade Easy device on your tap reduces your water and energy consumption bills by approx. EUR 85,00 annually. In addition usage of Waterblade Easy reduces the CO2 – emmission.

Save water – Save energy – Save money ! Be part of making the world a bit better! 

Waterblade Easy fitting instructions 

Simply unscrew your currently used aerator and remove the individual parts of the aerator including the rubber seal. Then place the Waterblade Easy device in the supplied new nozzle with the rubber washer on top and screw it back to the faucet.

  • If required, a wrench can be used.
  • Avoid scratching the collar.
  • Align Waterblade across basin.
  • Do not overtighten.
  • That's it!

Should there be any problems with unscrewing the old aerator it might be strongly calcified. In this case, you have to partially free it of its limescale in order to be able to unscrew it. Fill a freezer bag with vinegar or decalcifying agent and pull it over the tap. Then fix the bag with a rubber band and leave it for at least ten minutes. Now you should be able to easily remove the old aerator with a wrench or spanner. If you are still experiencing difficulties, you might have to let the vinegar or detergent soak for longer. Especially with old faucets and heavy calcifications, it may take a while until the first limescale has dissolved enough, in order to unscrew the old aerator.

Tip: If you do not have a freezer bag, you can also use a balloon which you can pull over the tap.

Tip: Close the drain of the basin with the plug, so that small parts aren't lost accidently.


Wednesday, 22 August 2018
Perfekt und Simpel, einfach aufschrauben und fertig.

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