Waterblade Easy at your home

Installation and usage of a single Waterblade Easy at your home could save you an average of EUR 85.00 per year on your water and energy bills!

Below you find some comments we received from our customers.

"The kids love the shape of the Waterblade Easy and as such choose the tap with the Waterblade Easy installed. Since insatllation we don't have to force them any longer to wash their hands".

Finally fitted the Waterblade Easy at Lucy's. She's an architect and loves the pattern it makes and the design.

We have a very busy household and our bills have been going up year by year. A friend of ours suggested and fitted Waterblade Easy to our washroom taps around the house and they are working great for over two years now. In addition our water and energy bills have been going down. Thank you!

We first installed the Waterblade Easy in the bathroom and were so excited and pleased that we have now also installed another one on the kitchen tap. The produced shape is so handy to control the amount of water and our washing up is done so much faster than before.

The width of the water shape is so much more effective and economical to wash your hands. Great product.

Why hasn't this been available earlier. I now use Waterblade Easy on almost all taps. The shape of water is so much more practical and effective than the previous small water jet. Fruits, vegetables, lettuce and even the washing up is done in no time and with so much less water consumption.

It's like an "upgrade" for the tap. Our visitors are all very impressed by the design and functionality. We had previously installed an aerator on the tap. Before installing the Waterblade Easy, we measured the amount of flow with the aerator on the tap with a measuring cup, then installed Waterblade Easy.

Another saving of 60-70%.

We welcome any feedback, suggestions and criticisms we receive from our customers.

If you also feel like sending us a few lines about your experience and stories with your installed Waterblade Easy, please use the contact form under "Contact".

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