Commercial use of Waterblade Easy

Naturally, Waterblade Easy achieves its greatest savings potential by installing and using it in any commercial or business environment and is therefore particularly recommended for companies and businesses.

Since an average saving on water and energy costs per year of approximately EUR 85.00 can already be achieved by using a single Waterblade Easy on a bathroom tap in a typical household, the likelihood of even greater savings is almost logical, when using Waterblade Easy on multiple bathroom taps in a commercial or business environment.

By using Waterblade Easy for example on 10 bathroom taps in a frequently used bathroom in a restaurant, hotel, office... the annual savings on water and energy costs could easily exceed EUR 850,00 per year. On 100 bathroom taps the annual savings could easily exceed EUR 8500,00 and so on...!

That's why already today some of our largest customers are bars, restaurants, hotels, motorway service areas, event places and facility management companies, as well as many small to medium and large size companies around the world.

Some of our customers

  • Unilever

  • Sodexo

  • Airbus

  • RS Components

  • Sainsburys

  • Microsoft

  • Skanska

  • Water Utilities

  • FM Mitte Heathrow

  • Standard Charted Bank

Business Enquiries

If you wish to trial Waterblade Easy or are interested in using our water saving device Waterblade Easy within your commercial or business environment please contact us via the contact form under "Contact", as special pricing and services apply for orders above 25 units.

In addition we are happy to provide you with further trial and saving reports.


Sustainability is at the core of  Waterblade Easy. We constantly strive to improve the sustainability of our production and company operations. We are keen to collaborate, advise and help you to also improve your companies sustainability.

Waterblade Easy Awards

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