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The award winning eco-friendly water saving device

Stylish, Eco-Friendly & Sustainable 

Fits all common taps with M24 thread

Waterblade Easy

Save at least 50% of water compared to conventional aerators and start immediately cutting costs on your water, sewage and energy bills. 


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Water savings

Waterblade Easy uses only a fraction of your water and transforms it into a much more useful and effective water-blade.

Typically Waterblade Easy uses only a quarter of water compared to a standard tap, and only half the water compared to a tap with fitted aerator.

Waterblade Easy saves you immediately money on your water bill and your water heating bill. Typically paying for itself in under 3 months time.

Thanks to the newly developed and integrated flow control mechanism in co-operation with Neoperl, the simple and easy installation of the Waterblade Easy aerator requires less than 1 minute and absolutly no technical knowledge.

Just follow the simple fitting instructions provided. Eventual tools required (Spanner or Wrench)

How does Waterblade Easy work?

Waterblade Easy takes a fraction of your usual tap water and transforms and shapes it into a paper thin sheet of water, which is as wide as your hands, making it many times more useful and effective to wash your hands. This results in an extremly efficient distribution of the water.

No other device washes your hands, your toothbrush, razor so well with so little water !

Simply have a look at the width of your hands – does it make sense to wash them so un-efficiently as you probably do now?

Comparsion water usage per minute

10+ liters per minute

Tap with aerator
5+ liters per minute

Waterblade Easy
2,4 liters per minute

Obviously how much you save depends on how often the tap is used and what you pay for your water, sewage and water heating.

Typically, Waterblade Easy operates at 2.4 l/m. A water saving tap with an aerating nozzle uses 5 or more l/m. A standard tap uses 10 to 20 l/m.

We calculated, using government publicised data, an Annual Combined Water, Wastewater and Energy saving for Waterblade Easy, per tap per year, of € 85,00 compared to standard tap and € 30,00 compared to aerating tap. The full data sheet is available below.

Our monitored office trials showed a ‘real life’ saving of £32.00 per year per tap on the water cost alone. The full trial report is available below.

Some awards

Waterblade Easy has already received many awards and recognitions.

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